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Why replacing a cracked windshield is important

Why replacing a cracked windshield is important


After a collision, it is critical to ensure that the car is checked with a specialist mechanic for any defects. Whether a minor or major accident, it is important that a car goes through thorough checks to ensure no underlying damage to the car. One of the major area ignored after a collision is replacing a cracked windshield. Windshield repair is crucial and should never at any one time ignored.

Blemish to the car’s look

Keeping a car looking good is top priority for most drivers. Driving around with a cracked windshield makes a car look ugly and out of place. A broken or cracked windshield can corrupt the whole beauty of a car. The integrity of a car is usually greatly affected anytime a driver decides to drive around with a broken part.


The windshield is what is supposed to protect the driver and the passengers from any debris on the road that could cause harm. An example of the debris that can hit the car are rocks, cigarettes butts or trash on the road. It is  therefore very dangerous for any driver to drive around with a cracked car windshield. The safety hazard is increased bearing in mind that the windshield of a car acts as a very integral safety component to the car. In fact, most of the car manufacturers tend to take so much time in researching ways to increase the safety integrity of a car’s windshield.

A chip on the windscreen is bound to get worse, and in time it becomes a crack. A crack on the windshield can enlarge at any time without warning even when driving and this could lead to a serious accident due to visual  obstruction.

Collision safety

During a collision, a cracked windshield can quickly pop and cause extensive injuries to the driver and the passengers. A broken windshield can quickly pop off because a cracked windshield does not adhere properly to the car as a new windshield. During an accident, the windshield usually acts as a very vital tool in protecting the car’s occupants especially if the vehicle rolls over.

Knowing when to replace a car windshield

Many people fear the costs that come with car repair and it is the reason people are driving around unroadworthy vehicles on the roads endangering their lives and that of other road users. A chipped windscreen can be fixed at times without having to replace the entire windshield of the car. However, if the crack extends more than the size of a credit card it means that the windshield needs to be replaced as the crack will continue getting bigger and dangerous.

Make sure a qualified mechanic fixes it

A windshield crack is a significant problem. However, the worst problem can be a poorly replaced windshield. A wrongly fixed windshield can pop out anytime during driving. A windscreen is at all the times under immense pressures during driving, and if for one reason the other it fails to hold the pressure it can pop off endangering the life of the driver together with all the passenger. This is why it is imperative to ensure that the windshield replacement is only done by qualified mechanics and not just any person.



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