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Rutherford Collision Centre Warranty Program

Enjoy complete piece-of-mind knowuing that your vehicle is being repaired hasle-free. You can haev confidence that our highly qualified collision repair specialists, and our reputable facility, will always provide the solution. We promise to provide an honest, quality repair that is built on confidence, trust and integrity.

“We promise trust and integrity.”

We stand by our quality and workmanship. We offer a Limited Time Warranty on all repairs performed. Having your vehicle repaired at Rutherford Collision Centre guarantees that the repairs performed meet or exceed industry standards. We deliver complete satisfaction.


In the event that you require warranty repairs, you are encouraged to visit or contact us at your earliest convenience. This warranty applies to the herein listed customer, and it continues for as long as he/she owns this vehicle. It is non-transferable, and it covers labour and materials completed by Rutherford Collision Centre. Parts and sublet are subject to its original manufacture’s warranty.


This warranty does no cover rust or rust repairs, normal wear and tear, or damage due to environmental factors (i.e. gravel chips). It does not cover improper maintenance, abnormal use, negligence, subsequent damage, fire or other casualties, and does not cover repairs not performed by Rutherford Collision Centre.

“We stand behind our Collision Centre’s Warranty.”

If repairs are altered by anyone other than staff or Rutherford Collision Centre, this warranty is null and void. This warranty dos not cover any expense for loss of use of your vehicle, any liability to your vehicle or any liability to you or others for bodily injury or property damage. This warranty does not cover any other incidental or consequential damages incurred by faulty repairs. No other warranty is provided or authorized, except for the above written warranty and specific exclusion issued by Rutherford Collision Centre..