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Tips on car window cleaning

Tips on car window cleaning


Window cleaning for cars is not exactly the most glamorous part of detailing but it is undoubtedly most important when the rest of the vehicle is spotless. The following tips will help to rid yourself of those unsightly streaks especially in the summer.


Clean away from direct sunlight


Clean car windows look better and improve visibility while driving. However, many car owners get frustrated .Ever noticed those white streaks after cleaning your windshield? That’s probably a result of cleaning agents from your window cleaning formula which have dried on the surface. Window cleaning should be done under a shade or on an overcast day because if done under direct sunlight, your car windows are bound to be too hot which will make the formula evaporate on the surface before you get a chance to wipe clean.


Use a low pile microfiber cloth


Apart from the window cleaning product that you use for windshield cleaning, your choice of a high quality microfiber towel is probably the most important factor in streak-free window cleaning. You might want to use a low pile microfiber towel because the tight weaves on those kinds of cloth offer a bit of extra scrubbing ability which is superb for glass surfaces.


Spray on towel first for interior windows


Windshield cleaning is done more efficiently and effectively if you spray on your microfiber cloth first. In doing this, you will avoid over spraying onto previously cleaned areas and to keep the cleaner away from the dashboard as well.


Do not rush the process


When it comes to window cleaning, most people think that they can simply spritz down the glass and buff clean quickly. If you do this, you end up rushing the window cleaning procedure and you are most likely going to end up with streaky results. Taking time to clean each window methodically will pay off in the long run.



Use the correct products


Selecting products that are specifically designed for automotive window cleaning is one of the wisest choices you could make for your vehicle. Most household cleaners contain ammonia which will definitely damage tinted windows. Ammonia fumes are also dangerous if inhaled in a closed environment. Window cleaning experts in Brampton recommend Eco Touch which is a solvent free glass cleaner that is safe for automotive window cleaning.


Take care of your windshield wipers


It is impossible to drive in snow, dust or rain so your car windshield wipers should always be in good working condition. If the glass and rubber are maintained well then optimum performance is a guarantee. This then means that windshield cleaning should include wiper blade cleaning. Rubber dressing should never be used on wiper blades because it will only result to streaking. A damp cloth should be able to wipe the blades clean.


Cleaning water spots


After thorough window cleaning, it is common for minor water spot contamination to occur within the week before you clean your car again. These contaminants are picked while driving and can be a bit hard to clean. The best window cleaning method in this case would be to use a foam applicator and buff with a microfiber towel.

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