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Things to Consider for Auto painting

Things to Consider for Auto painting


Anytime is always a good time to think of undertaking new projects such as auto painting. If you love cars like most people out there, perhaps one of the things you can do is to give your ride a fresh look. Whether you change the color of your car or not, painting it will improve its appearance and have it looking brand new.

Nonetheless, if you are new to the car painting procedure, there are several things you need to consider before you begin. You can either consult a professional or do some online research. Here are some of those things you need to consider.

The paint

Knowing the kind of paint to use is very crucial in getting the result you want for your car’s paint job. While there are numerous types of car paint in Brampton, lately most car owners and paint professionals prefer urethane or the two-step acrylic enamel paints.

You should know that lacquer has overstayed its welcome in the paint industry if you were planning to use it. Furthermore, most states in the US prohibit its use. Acrylic enamel and Urethane have higher viscosity compared to lacquer.

The spray gun

Just like lacquer paints, syphon spray guns are outdated. This high-pressure lines are no longer in use mostly because they contribute a lot to pollution. Lawmakers have even banned their use in most states. Currently, most people use HVLP spray guns in auto painting.

Although the positioning of the paint tank of HVLP spray guns may seem problematic for the user, they are more efficient compared to the old spray gun models. High-volume, low-pressure spray guns deliver eighty percent of the paint to your car’s surface while needing only 10psi of a line pressure for operation.

Safety and operation

If you decide to paint your car, you need to worry about your safety at all times. Because of this, you need to prepare not just the materials you need in making your car look brand new, you also have to prepare the things that will keep you safe during the whole painting process.

You need to get yourself a complete paint suit to safeguard your body and your clothing from the paint and other lethal materials that you might be using. There are various cheap brands available in the market. You should also wear a respirator equipped with two air filters during auto painting. Pairing all these with goggles, gloves and some type of covering for your head will additionally keep you safe.

Your work area should also be clean always. You will achieve better efficiency with automotive painting in Brampton if you keep dust and dirt away from your work. Think of the frustration you will feel if you find one tiny mistake in what could have been a perfect job.

It’s important to note that before you begin auto painting, especially if you plan to use a spray gun, you should practice first. Using test panels and making sure that your spray gun is clean at all times will help guarantee the success of automotive painting in Brampton.

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