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Why Seasonal Detailing is Good for Your Car

Why Seasonal Detailing is Good for Your Car


Different seasons come with fluctuating conditions that can spell doom for your car’s exterior and interior parts. This poses a real threat to your auto’s luster, especially by wear of the protective wax coating, making it look old and worn out. Changing temperature, road salt, gravel, sand and other conditions on the road are the last thing you would like around your car, but they are inevitable, which means proper car detailing remains your only way out.

These basic guidelines can help in maintaining the look of your auto;


Exterior Detailing

Many vehicle owners are oblivious of the importance of exterior detailing to auto maintenance, or how to run an extensive detailing that can serve them best. The secret is, exterior detailing is not just about the paint, it takes more, and the best car detailers know better. This is why a good car detailer would work on everything that counts; from the joints between the panels, to work on the bumpers, to the wheel rims, door jambs, hinges and even the underside.

What’s more, using non-abrasive products in cleaning those vulnerable parts to avoid causing scratches comes in handy too. You can visit your car detailer once in a while, but washing after every 10 days or so helps maintain the detailing of your vehicle. And if you are the preventive kind of a person, parking in basements and garage is even better in maintaining you car’s exterior, so avoid parking in the streets or in the lot, and your auto will retain its sparkle for longer.


Tire Detailing

You tires are always between you and the harsh conditions of the road. They are exposed to a high risk of wear and tear from the salt and other chemicals on the road. This is why you should take tires and wheel cleaning very serious; in fact, wheel cleaning comes first during car detailing.

Remember to use the right washer for your wheels too, in which case, roughcast aluminum and chrome models can do with stronger washers, while anodized and the coated type will require a soft one. More importantly, you can use silicon-based products to protect your wheel wells from ice, snow and salt build-up especially in the winter, and spare your wheels the risk of wear and tear from one season to the other.


Interior Detailing

Interior detailing is as essential as the outside. If your car has leather seats, there is a high possibility they will be dried by winter, which exposes them to a high risk of cracking. When summer checks in, the many functions combined with recklessness that comes with the season can prove tough enough to keep your auto’s interior spotless. However, you can always make this easier by applying interior cleaner to rid the spills and maintain overall cleanliness too.

Alternatively, you can do thorough vacuum and steam cleaning to prevent those notorious debris from sticking on your carpets. These also help in cleaning those places that are hard to reach, and they do work wonders in interior detailing to maintain the cleanliness and attractiveness of your auto’s interiors.

Whether you decide to take your car to professional car detailers or opt to go the DIY way, having these basics in place will help in maintaining the paint and look of your car through the changing seasons. If you know what product to use, what to do and what to avoid, it will be much easier to maintain your car’s sparkle from inside out, and keep it looking as if it just came from the dealer’s lot.

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