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Limousine Repair Mistakes To Avoid

Limousine Repair Mistakes To Avoid

A limousine is a very prestigious car. It is therefore very important for one to have a reliable and experienced auto body repair partner on their speed dial in case of an accident. An auto body repair partner such as Rutherford Collision. A lot of people trust Rutherford Collision Centre thanks to their impeccable services when it comes to auto body repair. Customer satisfaction is one of their core goals. Rutherford Collision Centre provide quality repair that a lot of people admire but very few can match up to their standards. They are all about efficiency and effectiveness. They will have your limousine up and running within a short span of time. Rutherford collision experts offer the following services: auto body shop, exterior and interior detailing, car towing, auto glass, shutter service and windshield repair.

Mistakes to avoid

  • One should never put a price on quality. It is important to ensure that the technicians repair the vehicle properly to avoid any dire consequences in the future.

  • Avoid taking the vehicle to unexperienced technicians who will not service the vehicle properly and restore all the parts.

  • One should also ensure that they get to inform their insurance provider about the occurrence of an accident in a timely manner so as to avoid delayed payment.

Limousine Repair

Effective repair process at Rutherford Collision Centre

  • Assess – This is the initial state where the technicians get to assess the extent of the damage on the limousine. The technicians get to pay close attention to the areas that the car owner is mostly concerned about. It is also at this stage where the necessary paperwork required by the insurance provider gets prepared.

  • Disassembling and Estimation- Dismantling of the limousine takes place at this stage, this enables the technicians to assess any additional damages that might have occurred and are not visible from the outside of the car. This is to ensure that the insurance provider foots the whole bill. Their technicians then forward the documents to the insurance provider and wait for them to give their approval.

  • Restoration- Once the insurance provider approve the report, Rutherford technicians immediately get started on the necessary repairs required. It is at this stage that the limousine gets painted, parts of the limousine that are misaligned also put back in place so as to ensure that the vehicle runs smoothly.

  • Reassembly- Their body specialists get to reassemble all the parts of the limousine. The specialist then ensures that each and every part of the limousine is functioning properly.

  • Worth- When the process of restoration and repainting is complete, the limousine goes through customized Rutherford Collision Centre checklist by their quality inspectors.

  • Detailing- The limousine gets a full exterior wash at Rutherford Collision Centre which is followed up by a thorough interior clean up. The specialist then conduct a final checkup before the owner of the vehicle gets to pick it up.

  • Delivery- Rutherford Collision Centre inform their clients once the vehicle is functioning properly and when all the repairs are complete. The client can then arrange for a convenient date to pick up the vehicle from the service station.

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