An example: FAQs - Rutherford Collision


Can I indicate where I want my car to go to be repaired?
yes, you, as the motorist can direct the vehicle’s destination

Do I have the right to select the shop that will repair my car?
Yes. In order to expedite your claim, select the repair shop and notify your insurance agent, broker/claims adjuster.

Do I need to get three estimates?
That depends. Select your repair facility then notify your insurance company. Your insurance company will need to inspect the damage. Ask your insurance adjuster what he/she needs. generally claims are handled by the company’s claims department,not the agent/broker.

Must I notify my insurance company before repairs?
Before any repairs, please notify your insurance company or your agent/broker. Make a report and tell them where the damaged vehicle can be inspected.

Who is responsible for the repairs?
The auto body repair shop is responsible for the repairs. Make sure that you select a repair shop that is reputabe, equipped to restore your automobile to its pre-accident condition, and has well-trained staff. You must authorize repairs.

Does the Collision Reporting Centre take “fail to remain” reports?
The CRC will only deal with damage; a police unit will be dispatched if the suspect vehicle is still in the area of collision.