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Clean Rims for your car

Clean Rims for your car


One of the features of a car that stands out are the rims. Shiny rims are a gem but unfortunately as years go by grime takes over hence the need to clean rims. When it comes to mobile detailing you do not only concentrate on the paint job but also on the rims and tires. These are the parts that commands the eyes’ attention.


Shiny rims make your car look great. You can actually go for something custom made for your car. Customization is usually very expensive but people are willing to go to lengths to ensure that their car looks good. Customized rims are an investment that you can protect by have good car wheel cleaning. You get rid of the dirt, dust and grime and improve the value of your car.

Dust can accumulate on your wheels. Dust does not only make your wheels look old but it also corrodes. If you do not clean tire and rims then you can be sure that soon you will need repairs or replacements. Why not just avoid spending lots of money by simply having a professional do your car wheel cleaning?

The things you need

You will need the right gear in order to combat brake dust. The kind of cleaner you choose should be recommended for the type of wheel you have. Most rims are made of aluminum and chrome hence they are able to withstand harsh cleaners. The coated ones are less tolerant.

The kind of sponge or brush used during cleaning is also important. Go for something that is soft and also flexible so that you can easily clean and also reach difficult areas. Microfiber and cotton cloths are not as effective. You can make use of a soft bristle brush.

What you should do

First and foremost you will have to spray your rims with water so that it can soak in and have the grime loosen. After a few minutes add soap and water.

Always use the correct cleaner. You should also deal with one rim at a time so that the cleaner does not dry up and stick on the wheels. You should also be careful to follow the instructions as shown by the cleaner’s manufacturer.

You should do some good old thorough cleaning and then have the spokes wiped. This is now where you can use the sponges or cotton cloths to wipe the tires and rims.

Why not steam it all the way

There are mobile detailing shops that now do wheel steam clean.  The finishing of most metal rim is sensitive and therefore can easily be damaged by harsh cleaning products. Some scouring materials like brushes can also do away with the metal coating. The best method in such a situation is steam cleaning whereby pressurized steam emulsifies and removes the dirt on the rim fast and effectively.

Well no matter the method of cleaning you go for simply ensure that you are well informed. The best solution will of course just let a professional do the cleaning for you.


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