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10 of the Costliest Luxury Cars to Repair

Buying the luxury car of your dreams may give you the credibility you yearn for, but its repair and maintenance fees are a key part of its baggage that you may not be ready to unpack. Most luxury cars manufacturers build luxury cars with expensive material, advanced technology, and fine workmanship. For those who can afford the lifestyle, they can probably afford the occasional repair, and may consider it to be a part of the upkeep of their image too. If you are looking to acquire a luxury car, it would be advisable to know which ones are the most expensive to repair. Whereas there are numerous vehicles to choose from that incur significant repair fees and require regular maintenance, here is a list of some of the most expensive cars to repair.   Mercedes-Benz C300   This dynamic and fine C300 sedan not only outprices other sporty luxury cars from Audi and BMW in terms of repair and maintenance charges. It is costlier in that regard than its larger showroom counterpart, the E300.   Mercedes-Benz S63 AMG   Apart from its volatile AMG version with a hand-built twin-turbocharged, its V8 engine is only around $300 more to keep running than the far more sedate S550 version of Mercedes’ flagship sedan.   Volkswagen Golf GTI   The compact GTI hot hatch is a sportier VW Golf, and is as entertaining to drive as a sports car, but with supplementary practicality. Although its cost estimate is the highest in the small car class, it is still reasonably affordable in that regard.   Porsche Cayenne   Although this is not the...