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Car detailing secrets

Car detailing secrets


Car detailing is the term used to refer to the meticulous cleaning, polishing and protection of the parts of a vehicle. This kind of cleaning is done inside out and requires the use of specialized tools. It is not inclusive of body repairs or paint work but some cosmetic restoration can be involved.

The main reason why people do car detailing is so that they fully restore their vehicles. For instance getting rid of light scratches.


The first thing done at the detailing service shop is that the exterior is thoroughly cleaned. The entire vehicle is foamed and given some time to soak. This is to allow any hard dirt to soften. At the same time a brush can be used to clean the plastic grills, trims, window rubbers and badges. After that the car is rinsed so as to clean away the foam and the dirt and grime that has been softened.

There are plenty of good detailing Mississauga shops but in case you decide to do your own detailing then here are some washing tips. You will need to go with the two bucket method. One bucket for the clean suds and the other for the clean water. The thing is that if you only use a single bucket you are just transferring dirt from the car to the cleaning suds and then back to your car.

Before going to the paint work

Before you start cleaning the paintwork the first areas to work on are the wheels and their wells. This is because these are the dirtiest parts of a car. The use of special cleaning products and brushes is required to remove grime.

Go the microfiber way

Use microfiber towels to do your cleaning more efficiently. Microfiber material ensures there is less friction hence smooth cleaning and no scratching. Do not go for the cheap microfiber packs since they are not so good. Do not mix your microfiber with the rest of your laundry.

Dealing with the paint work

The next step after car washing is claying where whatever contaminants which withstood the washing are removed. You need to do this so that polishing is not affected. Polishing is essential in the removal of swirls, light scratches or any other imperfections that occur on the surface. Car detailing Mississauga shops usually have a machine for this in which the polish is thoroughly worked into the car surface producing splendid results. You can also use your hand to do the polishing. Just ensure you have the right products with you.

Interior cleaning

Interior cleaning is very involving and hence consumes a lot of car detailing time. You will have to vacuum and even shampoo whatever is stains. This does not only clean but also freshens the air inside the car. If you are dealing with leather then thorough scrubbing is called for while with plastics cleaning and dressing should do. Interior glass should also be cleaned and polished.

Car detailing results in impeccable cleaning and restoration that maintains your car’s value. This guarantees better and longer service.

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