An example: March 2016 - Rutherford Collision

How to Increase Safety of Your Road Trip

Safe and experienced drivers make wise decisions to drive safe. They remain cautious, watchful and focused while they are driving and are able to proactively anticipate what other drivers can do on the road. They do not easily get rattled about unexpected things. However they look far down the road to know what can happen the very next moment and they are always ready for it. Qualities of a safe driver: Safe drivers do certain things that unsafe drivers don’t. They plan well ahead choose upon routes that can increase the likelihood that they can arrive to the specific destination safely.       A safe driver will always do some research work before they start with the journey, they will go online to check about the weather conditions, road conditions, news, report on constructions and accordingly assess the best route to go on. They will also check the maps, news reports and social media to determine what will be the roads going to be like. They will know that a particular road will be with plenty of construction and thus it may require traffic to be diverted or to merge and will get congested. They know turning to the left across a busy road at an intersection where there are no lights will be riskier and will possibly consume more time. They know at what time of the day there will be more impact of the vehicles on the road. They know due to heavy rain the route may get flooded and with the temperature drop driving on the hills will be treacherous. They house fire can block off a...